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20 May 2006

satan bought our hotel!!!

KIGSi've been staying at the anand regency hotel for about 16 months now. they have two doorman who also open your car door and direct traffic through the turnaround in the parking lot. nice guys, the bigger one was even part of our personal security detail on new year's eve. the other guy has this crazy arabian knight moustache/beard hybrid. they are both pretty nice guys, always smiling and doing their job dutifully.

but recently, i've noticed a change. i know i've been in this place for far too long already, but i've been pretty successful keeping the hallucinations at bay, so i KNOW this is real. you know the old acronym for KISS that the 70's and 80's parents used to describe their debauchery? Knights In Satan's Service. i believe *sniffle* that is exactly what's happened to our doormen. it's so... sad. look at him now.KISSi don't care what they do, i'm not involving myself in any of their crazy rituals unless they are hedonistic, debaucherous, nihilistic orgies... then i MIGHT think about it


Blogger themom said...

i will bet there is a "666" tattooed under his headdress also!!! bet me!

4:14 PM, May 20, 2006  

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