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07 May 2006

no good deed goes unpunished

hye, buddy.  you're wife's... **SPLAT**check this out... emma was reading the indian paper this morning while i was doing my ritual sudoku, when she came across this article (read for details).

talk about shite luck. you call out to your neighbor driver to keep his wife from getting her head ripped off by the motorcycle chain, and *BOOM*...
  • you're dead
  • the person you were talking to on the other bike is in serious condition
  • his wife and child are en route to the here-after
  • your passenger is left to tell the story.
if you're going to tell someone their wife is about to lose her head, make sure NOT to run into them, thus causing you to be a front-runner for the annual dumptruck-speed-bump-of-the-year award. it's sad, but it's just one of the things you see regularly here in india. i was SERIOUSLY surprised there weren't graphic bloody pictures on the front page. INCREDIBLE !NDIA. on a slyght tangent... i think one of the toughest jobs in the world would have to be part of the indian tourism board. at least, from what i know of this place.

and YEAH! i spent more time on that pic (clickable) than i did on this post. i just HAD to. my sick and demented mind thought it was funny.


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