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19 May 2006

link dump i got from another link dump

pat robertson is a complete fukking moron. if he's right, he got lucky, but i can eat crow, no problem. he's still crazy.

britney's THIRD and FOURTH attempts on her baby's life. he fell out of a high chair, she drove with him on her lap (we all do it but she got caught), here you see she doesn't know how to work a carseat with an infant, and here we see that she can't walk in high heels and carry a baby at the same time.

sometimes, just SOMETIMES, i wish i was Ice-T. he married this. not too bad for one of the pioneers of gangsta rap. the face isn't THAT great but the body... slammin'.

i'll do a real post later


Anonymous ellen said...

hmmmm, I wonder why God didn't let pat on to the Tsunamis of last year. apparently, pat is only the ecclesiastical forcaster for america, because america is the only country God cares about. right. hmmmmm.

i love it when these guys end up tearing themselves a new one by just openly being the fools that they are.

6:40 AM, May 19, 2006  

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