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05 May 2006

some cool programs

i figured anyone who travels a bit like i do and who might have to use internet cafes or public computers every so often might like this. i found a page that has made a suite of portable applications that fit nicely on a 256Mb USB drive. i've DLd the openoffice suite, and it is pretty kick ass. now, i know it can be difficult to find a computer without office on it, but we just so happen to be lucky enough to have found one right here onsite. i originally found this page ages ago, but i didn't NEED it until now. the program is pretty kick ass. i'm currently DLing the remaining part of the suite.

oh yeah, i forgot to tell you the page. it is Portable Apps. i highly suggest it for the traveler who might need certain apps on the road or anyone who likes new programs. they have office, firefox, sunbird (e-mail), they have some database programs and HTML editors and more. so, if this is fo you, go check it out and tell me what you think.


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