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16 May 2006

the longest catchup post in the world

i know it's been a while, but man, have i been busy. i still love you though. i mean, i know emma will call me out on it, i haven't been WORKING this whole time per se, but i HAVE been busy. i brought the hard drive from my home PC with me to india. the OS on my PC was shite-ing itself and wouldn't let me install any USB devices to get the info off it i wanted. i talked to my on-call IT dude, JVo (but i also hope to hear his hot wife in the background during conversation; better yet, i hope to interrupt any vigorous sex session they might be having), and he said i could make it portable. THE ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS. so i bought a USB-IDE kit, removed, installed, and *presto*... i can get the valuable data off my PC that i've been needing for several months.

most of the data i needed was installs for some of my favorite programs (<--- is it was or were?), some work related programs that i hadn't made a redundant copy of yet, and... quake. THE ORIGINAL... quake. i've been hooked on it since i rediscovered it. i remember playing deathmatches for hours when i was "studying" while living in the dorms at CWRU. one of our neighbors in the dorm was extremely smart, quiet as a mouse, and played cello but when it came to quake, the guy became conan the barbarian. the guy was insanely built for the game. and i remember a player named 'kentucky' playing in our games a lot. those were the days. i'm such a nerd. either way, i've been playing that a lot lately, i let my book reading (and blogging) decline significantly. actually, i'm getting a bit of the shakes writing this instead of fragging some shamblers, vores, fiends, and ogres.

i ALSO found diablo II. this is a game that i took up after moving out of the dorms and moved in with JVo, his frat buddy (yes i said 'frat'), JKo, and J-Rod. diablo II is a pretty addicting game, but i'm trying to hold off on that until i beat quake again. i hear there is a quake 4. i'm so far out of the loop now, i'm sure i couldn't play it. i'm used to navigating with the keypad, but i know the first-person shooter (FPS) champeen of the world, fat4lity, uses a mouse, so i should too. maybe i'll get it, someday.

but to my note, i HAVE been working quite a bit as well. since TheCustomer demobilized the mechanical TA, i've been having to do his work, and it is fricking HHHHHOOOOOOOTTTTTT out there. i'm estimating here but i don't think i'm too far off... it is about 95-100 deg everyday, and the past couple days, i've had to inspect the inlet for cleanliness. the bottom of the inlet sits about 6 stories up and i have to walk up scaffolding steps to get there. by that time, i'm breathing nice and heavy, starting a brisk sweat. the inlet itself is 3 stories tall, ladders. as you know heat rises, so on the 3rd level it is almost unbearable, not to mention that we just started up a system that makes it impossibly humid in there, so i'm guessing on the 3rd level it was maybe 130-140 deg and 80-90% humidity. i thought i was going to die, and i had to do this over like 3 days because things weren't completed, not done correctly, etc. i think they are trying to make me skinny. most days i was going home and it looked like i'd taken a shower with my clothes on (but i didn't smell so zestfully clean). enough about work, that's my story.

in other news, TheMom sent me a package. when i came back from R&R, instead of packing everything, i packed a bunch of good ol' american lunchmeat, condiments, etc. and had TheMom ship my leftover clothes, socks, and some stuff emma sent to my house for me to bring back. well indian customs fukked me. TheMom put the customs declaration as $400. it was brought to rajahmundry but held until i paid the customs duty of about $140. THEY'D estimated the value to be $500. now, the box contained two girl shirts, a bikini, tube socks, 3 polo shirts and a Utilikilt. i'm sure indian customs knows EXACTLY how much a kilt costs. sons-of-bitches. but i paid it, i wanted my new stuff. i'll get over it.

oh yeah, i'm changing divisions at TheGeneral. i've been given the auspicious honor by TheNewManager to be transferred to TheGeneral's Oil&Gas division. woo-hoo. from what feedback i've gotten from my colleagues, this means i'm given a free pair of rose-colored glasses when i get to go to florence, italy for a few weeks for training on the new type of units, then i'm told to wear them when i get stuck in the shiteholes of the world (worse than where i've been). ask swedish chef dave. he knows. TheNewManager assures me it is not personal, there will be no change in salary or benefits, etc. the only thing good that i'm guessing can come of this is possible oil rig work. i think i'd like to try an oil rig at least once. you have to take some fancy training for water rescue and whatnot, and you get to take helicopters out to the rig (never been on one o' them whirly-gigs). we'll see. i start when this job is over, and then i get assigned to AnotherNewManager. YEA!!!

and in closing, i should kick emma's arse... all the way across the dancefloor, through the hallway, and out on the the dirty indian street. well her and the alstom guy, ali. saturday night, we all went to the bar as it is "bar night". me, emma, ali, and detlef. we ate, we drank, we were merry. emma and i convinced the bar to give us one more drink after last call, we drank, detlef left (he's leaving tomorrow, so he was already enjoying the in-flight movie in his head), and emma wanted to dance. she asked me but i said no. i'm not a big dancer, i'm shy, i'm large, i'm awkward, i'm a white heterosexual male. that says it all. so she finally convinces ali to get up and dance. they did for one song i think, as i sipped at my drink. they came back and she heard another song she wanted to dance to. the good thing of being big is it's difficult to get me outta my chair if i don't wanna. i didn't as much as she pulled i wasn't going, then ali came to her rescue... by HELPING pull me outta my chair. DAMMIT!!! so i was up, and i had to dance. oh yeah, i forgot to tell you, i was wearing my kilt this night. so i'm dancing in my kilt, swirling and twirling, bumping and grinding, emma is having me spin her and other advanced stuff i'm not prepared for. she helped me stay away from the indian males who were confused by my long hair, earrings and kilt as they pinched my cheeks, and flipped my hair. at one point i got into it and was jumping around, had my hair down, was doing some air guitar. we were the stars of the show. i don't like being in the spotlight. i don't like strange indians pinching my cheeks and patting me on the back for being luckily enough to have the only white girl dance with me. grrrr... i guess i had fun, but there was a big threshold of discomfort i had to get past. luckily, no cameras were involved, so i can now say... this is an entire work of fiction. later.


Blogger themom said...

thank you thank you thank you!!!! was wondering if you were ever going to et back to the blog!!! I am so sorry about the customs fee, I will try not to do that again!!! bad mommy !!!

luv ya!


12:21 PM, May 16, 2006  
Anonymous stephanie said...

I wish I could have seen that one! Way to go Emma!!! Zac, I got a chuckle just reading this one!

1:56 PM, May 16, 2006  
Anonymous Thedaughter said...

Ok, I had to take you to a pre-school in a kilt to get colton and thought that was bad but dancing in a bar in it with indians who don't know the difference, that is really bad. Did you take your dvd's with you again? Let me know what helicopter rides are like. I would like to do that before getting in a plane. Goodnight dear brother.

10:27 PM, May 16, 2006  
Blogger Jules said...

You admitted it though: you DID have fun. Besides, I've been telling you for months I'd get you on the dance floor before we leave India. It finally happened. And, I think you liked it SO much it just may happen again.


7:16 AM, May 18, 2006  
Anonymous jean said...

zac glad t see you are still alive and kickin or should i say dancin...emma will probably not be able to keep you off the dance floor now...YOU ARE THE MAN!!!keep on bloggin so we know you are ok...
love ya mom 2

2:41 PM, May 18, 2006  

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