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09 May 2006

topic 1/3 - more crazy indian news

as the day has progressed i've run across three things i've found blog-worthy. coincidentally, i have three blogs that i (co)author, so i'll assign one topic to each. here we get the latest indian headline that, again, caught emma's eye while i was sudoku-ing (click here for the actual article).

a woman somewhere in india (the names all sound the same, this one is mahbubnagar) died. also, her 5-month old daughter died along with her 5-year old daughter. her 3-year old son survived. now... what could've led to such a strange set of circumstances culminating in the death of 3 females but the lone boy surviving? two people on motorcycles passing in front of a semi, you might guess, and granted that has happened, but i wouldn't post about such similar things in so short a time span. it went down like this:

the 28-year old wife threw her youngest daughter (5m) in a well... where she died. next came the oldest girl (5y) hurtling down the well to her untimely demise. then she tried to dispose of the boy (3m), but he had other ideas as he squirmed his way to safety. then... she jumped.

now this kinda crazy shite happens in the U.S. all the time, sadly. most times the people were crazy, hearing voices, blah blah blah. here in india is a different story. she'd been married to her husband for 11 years and the in-laws (which it seems they lived with). the in-laws and her husband were torturing her repeatedly demanding more dowry from her family. and the only way she saw she could get out was by taking his family away from him.

great fukking country, this place, huh? a country where i'm pretty sure dowries are illegal and the caste system doesn't exist anymore. uh huh, yeah, right.

topic 2/3 is at B-Town Boyz.


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