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25 May 2006

the TP discussion / macromedia

maybe i should've waited to have the TP discussion until today. the site is ACTUALLY trying to make some progress and i'm wrecked. i got the delhi belly, and i'm SOOOOO tired. i'm afraid to venture out of the office for more than 10 minutes.

in less intestinal news, i was going through my old PC and found that i have macromedia flash MX 2004 and dreamweaver MX 2004. i have no clue how to use them. anyone have any tips, or are these programs entirely over my head? well, that's enough for now, i hear someone calling me.


Blogger themom said...

oh baby i am so sorry you have the "dehli belly." wish I could help somehow. find some anti-diarrheal meds if you can. sounds miserable.


7:41 AM, May 25, 2006  

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