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21 May 2006

calling for photos

i've gotten in a reminiscent mood since posting that last letter. not for training, but for college. on the same hard drive, i have quite a good many of my reports and papers i had to write for classes, some C++ programs (and it looks like i have borland C++ compiler too, i just can't get it to run, dammit. i LOVE C++), but not very many photos. i wasn't a picture taker, and it is coming back to haunt me. i'd love to go back to college, but i don't know i that is happening anytime soon. JVo, J-Rod, and myself have joked about going back to school for our mid-life crises (state school this time). i doubt it will happen, and now i'm sad i don't have more pix from college.

so to my college buddies who read this, pass along some pix to me. i have plenty of room on my yahoo account. that way i can DL them at my leisure. please send away. send tons, whatever you have...

to my high school chums and BTBz, you can send me pix as well. i need more personal pix. i ave way too many pix of nekkid ladies and not enough of nekkid friends.. er, i mean... just send me some pix by clicking here. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!


Anonymous allison. said...

I know I have pictures somewhere... when I unearth them, I will scan, upload, and send them your way.

9:04 AM, May 21, 2006  

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