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02 May 2006

well i'm back

yup yup, i'm back in india. i had a great time home seeing the BTBz and BTGz. i got to see my mom and bought her a cruise so she can relax and catch her breath from tax season. the trips to and fro were long (door-to-door going: 47 hours; D2D coming: 36 hours) but well worth it to get home to some semblance of civilized life. i'm really sorry i didn't post anything more than from my blackberry but the time was short. i'm sure you understand. i'm hoping i didn't lose too many readers. I'M BACK!!! now go spread the word again.

it WAS good to get home. i got to have some american beer, square pizza, steaks, whoppers, subway, white castle (post titty-bar and for breakfast with orange juice the next day). i got to drive my rusted out '91 chevy S-10 that i think i'm going to have to get rid of next time i get home. i DIDN'T get to look at places to live. i got to see ONE movie that was ok, scary movie 4. i fought with some people, i got along with others. drunk dials and the like. it was a good time. i missed everyone, even the ones i upset or argued with.

i'm going to go for now. the next post... me and TheNephew at the columbus zoo. great pix. he's gonna be a lady-killer, i'll have to take some tips. until then... tell everyone, zac's back in town.


Blogger themom said...

i am glad you are there safe and sound - but not glad that you are there. duh?!?! rested up yet? vacation from the vacation right????


6:28 AM, May 02, 2006  
Anonymous mom 2 said...

glad you got back to india safe and sound...wish you could have been here longer but it was so great seeing even for such a short time....miss you ..take care of yourself...
love ya mom 2

5:57 PM, May 02, 2006  

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