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06 June 2006


today is the devil's day. i'm guessing in hell, michigan they are getting downright uproarious, maybe even more boisterous at 11:06AM (666 minutes into the day). we crazy number people... like pi day on 3/14 and mole day on 6/022. it is fun. anyways, i wanted to give a shoutout to detlef who turned 34 on this devil's day. we are going to have a small party tonight then tomorrow the TUNING begins, long hours and that's if everything goes well (anyone who's read this site knows that that is INDEED a rarity).

to clarify, from a post a couple days ago showing off my google sKetchup skillz... THAT is what the french call 'le peepin tomas'. his hands are even in his pockets. pocket pool, anyone? luckily, today you get a NEW sKetchup pic. this is a 2-story spiral staircase. i was practicing my cut-paste-rotate technique. again, there are some minor flaws, but at least the scale is right, and this time, mr. tom q. pervert is doing his business behind a bush.
go! pervo go! climb those stairs out in the middle of a desert


Anonymous MOM 2 said...

zac i know who the perv is BERNIE MCMAHON...i'd recognize him anywhere...whew,glad i figured that out...i will alert angel to be on the good
love mom 2


5:24 PM, June 06, 2006  
Blogger themom said...

hmmm... bernie the perv. this neighborhood will never be the same again!! mom2 may be on the right track. LOVE THE BUSH!!


2:49 AM, June 07, 2006  

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