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27 May 2006


i've estimated ROUGHLY and very much to the low side that i've given this hotel $25,000 in room charges alone (and that is using the original price of Rs. 2600/night instead of the current Rs. 4300/night), so it is WELL more than that. and on top of that, my food and drink, AND the other TAs i bring to the hotel who pay the same amount. i've brought SO MUCH revenue to this hotel...

so yesterday, the hotel calls me at work and asks me if emma would move into my room. they need the rooms since there are some 10,000 indians coming to rajahmundry for some former indian governmental minister who is coming here. now for one... you don't ask ME to ask someone else to move into my room, you ask that person if they mind first, then ask me if i mind. secondly, you don't ask people to move in with each other except in cases of emergency. you just don't. and three, and i'm not usually like this, but i've given you SO MUCH FUKKIN' MONEY in the past 16 months, and you want to inconvenience me over some retired minister who's probably never HEARD of rajahmundry, let alone thrown any money at it. steppin' on the wrong toes for ONE room.

either way, i'm a pushover, so i asked emma if she minded, she felt about the way i did, maybe not SO strongly, but she knows my shower sucks so she suggested i move to her room. so now, that is where i am for the next 3 days. it's not so bad, i can go through her lacy and frilly bits when she's in the shower, hah. just kidding emma, i'll be a PERFECT gentleman. **WINK**

in related news, last night when we got home from work they asked that my OTHER TA, who is here only for a few days, to move out. they need the room. WTF? i can't put three TAs in one room, sorry, i just can't, and they are REALLY pissing me off at this point. luckily that TA is a nice guy, and i'm still a pushover, so we got him a room at the customer's guesthouse/apartment for a couple days.

i just can't believe the gall of these people at this hotel. the same people who complained that i don't throw them parties (WHAT?!), ask me to bring them digital cameras and tennis shoes, and electronics from the states when i go home. it's like I'M the one providing the service, and then they dropkick my peepz to the curb like this. just another example of why i only have respect for maybe 5 people in this country. none of them are at this hotel, that's for sure.

well, emma is sleeping, i must go be gentlemanly. **KA-CHING!!!**


Blogger themom said...

ooooh, sounding a bit like your mother - temper i mean. you, the one who always walked away when i stood up for the inequities and injustices faced in the outisde realms. you go boy!!! use that backbone, i am so proud of you.

how is the "dehli belly?" been worried.


7:31 AM, May 27, 2006  
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