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17 July 2006

been blocked

ok, i might be a bit paranoid, but ever since indian stalker has been checking out emma's and my blog, i can't see anything on blogger anymore. i don't know if my IPs been blocked or what. i can blog, but i can't see the blogs. need to try from another computer, or ISP or something, see what the deal is. if there is someway he COULD block me from seeing blogger, that's a dick move but OK, i can live. he took offense and went all childish like, and now i can't see 6-7 webpages. i'll live until i get out of this shite country and can get a REAL net connection. get on a site that doesn't take shortcuts on shortcuts and then wonders why things go wrong. i can't wait for that. a buddy of mine is getting out of a job in kazakhstan soon and if my new division let's me, i might take it. we'll see. they say they have jobs in russia. hmmm. but as of now, i can't quite see any of your blogspot blogs, that's the only thing affected. i'll see if i can remedy it. i've contacted blogspot, but haven't heard back yet. hopefully, i'm not being unreasonably paranoid and this guy doesn't have that kinda power but a couple rupees here can buy a lot. ahh corruption. can't wait to leave.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I totally see you in Russia, or any part of the former Soviet Union. Those folks really like their porn. But corruption there has to be worse then in India. Maybe outsiders don't notice cuz the clever Russians get you piss drunk.

5:48 PM, July 17, 2006  
Blogger themom said...

Keep blogging baby - we can see YOU!! I can't survive without your regular, entertaining blogs. Maybe it is just a minor glitch. Luv ya!!


6:20 PM, July 17, 2006  
Anonymous mom 2 said...

Keep bloggin zac cause we still can see your blog...We need to know what you are up to...
love ya mom 2

10:09 PM, July 17, 2006  
Blogger themom said...

suggestion for a new banner for your blog: countdown to NFL kickoff season. GO STEELERS!!


8:12 AM, July 19, 2006  

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