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11 July 2006

ZUMEL words

i noticed that i don't update ZUMEL enough, so i need motivation. send me some words, phrases, SHORT entries that you would like HAND-translated, and i'll do that. we'll see if that gets everyone/myself motivated.

i'll get into the vizag trip here soon. also, there is a chance i'm going to have to moderate comments and MAYBE get rid of anonymous comments. i'm not trying to kick people out. if you are anonymous, just make up a stupid name and don't have a blog, ui don't want to lose your comments. emma's blog was attacked today by someone in india who isn't happy with her view on things. that person then came to my blog. emma was forced to moderate comments and i feel the same may happen here.

i apologize that such an inane thing as a blog has to be monitored so heavily due to some people harassing the bloggers. we'll see what happens, and i'll keep you all informed.


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