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12 July 2006

they lost my clothes... AGAIN

if you'll recall, back in december, the hotel lost some clothes of mine. they went missing for quite some time. around the same time, they also lost a package (small xmas gifts from BTVJGJHo and TheInterpreter) that was verified to have been delivered to the hotel. these were given back to me on my birthday, many weeks later.

well, it's happened again, but it is even worse than i remembered. i know the hotel just hired a new housekeeping lady. she's cute for an indian and quite nice when we see her going through the lobby. i mentioned to reception about 10 days ago, when we got back from vizag the first time, that housekeeping had lost a pair of my jeans. i assumed they'd lost some underwear, socks, and a shirt too, since they do my laundry daily and that is a complete work outfit. i figured maybe they took the laundry the day we left for vizag and there was nowhere to deliver it to the next day since i was checked out and in vizag, so i asked them to look for any clothes set aside. nothing... the problem is i was down to one pair of work jeans. i had some pants made here but i couldn't be bothered to tell the tailor that they were a bit uncomfortable so i just decide not to wear them. i could've SWORN i had 3 pairs of jeans, but i KNEW i had at least two.

so we went to vizag this past weekend, i checked out again, we had our fun, and came back to rajahmundry after a much needed 3-day holiday. i checked back in and got settled on monday evening. i'm down to one pair of jeans but not really concerned because if have the uncomfortable cotton ones if an emergency should arise. so yesterday, i went back to the room after work, and saw this note from housekeeping and two piles of clothes. they'd found my lost clothes, yea!!! but i looked at the date on the note (european style, so that is APRIL 16, 2006!). there were two piles and two bills attached to the note. as i had suspected, they had a pair of underwear, socks, jeans, and work shirt from the day i'd left for vizag for the first time. slightly understandable. but the second pile was dated april 16th!!! they'd lost another set of the exact same clothes IN THE HOTEL for nearly 3 months, and i only could suspect they were missing. maybe i only brought two pair back form R&R, but these had been lost since BEFORE my last R&R. googly. i'm very glad they informed me that they had lost my clothes when in actuality, i'd informed them (though i'd forgotten about the clothes that had been missing THREE MONTHS!!!). and they are going to make sure that it doesn't happen again (3 times in 8 months... i don't know).

i just can't figure where clothes could go for 3 months. did they make an indian tour (look how BIG they grow!!! OOOHH! AAAAHH!!)? were they stuck in a corner? did they blow off the roof while drying and it took them 3 months to collect them? i just don't get it. amusing at the very least. good thing i'm damn near a citizen of india.


Blogger themom said...

"Holdup laundry?" Very interesting. They just love you so much they want to have a part of you with them ALWAYS!!!


7:15 AM, July 12, 2006  

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