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12 July 2006

a possibly long picture post about our weekend in vizag, part I

i'll try to make this as enjoyable for you as it was for us. we got yet another weekend off and took full advantage of it with a 3-day weekend in vizag. so here we go.

FRIDAY (7-july-06) we had to work a full day, so we didn't leave site until around 5:45PM or so. by the time we got back to the hotel, packed and checked out, we were on the road around 6:30 and got to the welcomhotel grand bay in vizag around 9:30PM. we unpacked and checked out the room. it isn't really as nice as the taj was. the view i had was shite. all the rooms have an "ocean view" which in this case was like the "NYC apartment with a view of central park" where you need to hook your foot on the bed, and hang your head out the window and look WAAAAAY left past the tall buildings, and it's that green splotch behind the hot dog vendor. my room was at the very corner of the building so i was competing with palm trees and area buildings to see a snippet of the ocean. still, we weren't here for the view from the room. we went downstairs and had dinner at the hotel restaurant we found last time, it was good as usual, but finished too late to go to the hotel bar which closes at midnight but last call is 11:30PM. blah, so we went to bed a to rest up for tomorrow.

SATURDAY (8-july-06) emma wanted to go swimming but forgot her bikini. she talked to reception and asked where she could get a suit in vizag. they informed her that housekeeping would sell her a bathing costume (and costume it was) for 400 rupees (about $9). they came up and sold her one of the funniest things i've ever seen in my life, like it was something natural. i promised her i wouldn't post the pix over here. i'd let her embarrass herself on her own blog, so take a look and see what she bought. after some modifications with scissors and realizing she wouldn't be able to subject herself to enough of a chance for skin cancer, she decided to borrow a pair of my sexy calvin klein boxer shorts and wore those with a green wife-beater. it worked out quite well but wasn't nearly as funny as what she bought.

after she was all gussied up, we ventured down to the pool.
it was crazy hot and sunny out. this pool is a bit nicer than the taj and we took a dip off and on for two hours. only problem was the pool was piss warm, around 93°. the rest of the two hours were spent BS-ing with each other and the performance guy about work, the holiday we got, the hotel, etc. during one of our dips, we noticed the "rules and regulations" board. my favorite is rule #4 (you can click to zoom in)... i know when i have kids, i'm going for top of the line in waterproofing, thompson's. no scrimping there. GOTTA make sure they are drown proof. i read emma's blog and agree, what in god's name happened at this hotel that they decided that supervision of your child while swimming needed to be made EXPLICIT between the hotel and the parents.

after baking ourselves in the searing mid-day indian sun for two hours, we decided to take a walk. the performance guy was having some issues onsite before we left, and he was distracted so he decided he wanted to go back on saturday to work through the weekend. after we showered (and realized how LOBSTER red we were), we hit the road to dolphin's nose. this is a land mass that stretches into the bay of bengal where vizag setup it's port harbor. there is a historical lighthouse that guides the big cargo ships into the port. it's supposedly about 3km, but it didn't seem like that to me, not in that heat and my fat suit. we walked a good bit of the way through the fish market but didn't make it to the dolphin's nose. we had to turn back and grab a rickshaw, so the performance guy could catch his ride back to work. still, the trip through the fish market was interesting. here are some things we saw.
this is a fishing boat that just came in and is drying the catch already

i think this is where the fish go after they leave the boat for further drying. i think the hardest part these ladies have is keeping the birds away

this is a rickety fishing boat. we were rushed off by some security guards while trying to take this pic. must be a secret nuke sub or something

my first up close encounter with a hammerhead shark

on the way back, i saw this sign. i have no clue what it is advertising, but it was funny nonetheless. i'm guessing it is an advert for all you guys out there who like your women bald as a 10-year old but refuse to trim your elephantitis nuts. that's the best i can gather from the pic. i can't really see how the before and after pictures relate to bleeding piles or fistula (but it sounds like the latter might lead to the former). i really think it is an elephantitis remedy. ever see that ripley's believe it or not, where the guys nuts are so huge he mashes grain on them and the local villagers have to pick them up for him when he steps up into his house? i think that is the guy on the left, and somehow, they have a drug that turns you from that guy into jack lalanne (credited with inventing the jumping jack... who knew?). no matter, it's not important, but saturday night... now there i met a pimp rickshaw driver...

ah saturday night...


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