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19 July 2006

a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage?

i heard about this and it kind of flew under the radar for me. then i saw an article today on that the bill had failed in both the house and the senate. i think it's quite a bit of horseshite that the states are banning it to start with but a constitutional amendment?! come on. the constitution delineates rights to americans, the operative word be AMERICANS!!! not white americans, or 6' tall americans, or americans in wheelchairs... EVERY american. so the government decided, apparently, that the constitution ISN'T for everyone, so they wanted to amend it to make a rule strictly for gays.

i really don't understand what these geritol-generation politicians are scared of. why is gay marriage such a bad thing? you don't need a man and a woman to raise a child, you need a family. also, marriage is an originally religious rite joining two people, that the government found convenient to dole out tax breaks, benefits, etc. for that to happen, they had to place their stamp of approval on it. why the fukk did they even get in on the show? it's just another level of governmental control. now they can say who can and cannot marry, you need a license to get married, it's a racket, and they wanted in on it.

these politicians act like gays are going to sodomize and molest the kids, they are sexual offenders and dangerous. they have their own clubs in which to do their deviant sex acts, etc. is a modern-day version of "reefer madness". if you don't know what reefer madness is, you can read more in these two links. the government is launching a subtle attack at these AMERICANS and trying to take away the right to fall in love with whomever they want to be married to them to enjoy the same government sanctioned benefits that straight americans are afforded. it really is a gay version of reefer madness without the movie.

i really can't believe in this day and age that there are so many closed-minded people out there, but i'd assume most of them are on medicare. that is, they are old coots who want to make everyone as miserable as they because they have "overactive bladder syndrome", can't figure out their e-mail or blackberry, and need blue pills to hump their wrinkly cronie wives. i know there are conservatives out there, there always will be, but i think that the new conservatives are going to be a bit more educated than these old farts who grew up with the bible, selectively citing that is states that gays are bad, and overlooking the genocide, incest, rape, torture, etc. that that very same book glorifies. i'm hoping the new conservatives will see that these are just people, just americans, and they aren't going to rape an entire kindergarten class when they are chaperoning their child field trip. hopefully we can replace these prehistoric money-suckers with more knowledgeable and more reasonable candidates soon. i see it happening. everything takes time, and for that, i apologize to those people out there who can't marry the ones they love because of the fascists.

that's all i got.


Blogger themom said...

omg - i was going to blog about the same thing, but you said it far better than I could have. the conservative right wingers are tenth generation died-in-the-wool arseholes. that the bible should be the end all and be all to dictate your lives (again subject to various translations.) Fear - that is what dictates their motives. To even think of changin the constitution (by adding an amendment) is precarious at best. Watch the elections in November - the Democrats are going to take back the majority. Trust me.

8:17 PM, July 19, 2006  

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