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19 July 2006

new ZUMEL post and NT grassroots, redux

there's a new post over at the ZUMEL (you can find the link in the right sidebar), and when i get back from this hole, all y'all better be ready to help out with handing out NT cards. my grassroots effort is on hold 'til i can get back and issue cards to the street crew. you ALL have a quota.

btw, i handed out small souvenirs from india to the BTBz at the poker night last time i was home. what did you guys think? would you like more souvenirs like that?


Blogger Mike T said...

I have not yet had the chance to utilize my souvenir. I have no need to use it, if anything I need something that does the exact opposite. Does handing out NT cards to stippers at Kahoots count for my quota?

8:35 AM, July 19, 2006  

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