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18 November 2006

flies and muslims (no, they aren't related)... JIHAD!!!

a fly kissed me today. granted, it was on it's deathbed and was probably just looking for some comfort, but still, it was weird. i'd smacked the bastard with my wicked accurate flyswatter skills, but it was still on it's back twitching on the desk. knowing that flies and other animals such as the gecko cling to objects due to static electrical attraction, i brushed my finger against his feet and he was stuck. in this position, i could bring it up close to get a good look at him. he was still twitching a bit but i noticed his tubular mouth sucker thingy reaching out rhythmically as if trying to reach my finger. after several attempts he was successful and latched on, for lack of a better phrase. he was electrostatically stuck there suckling on my finger. then, the idea popped into my head that maybe this was one of those bhat flies and as a last revenge he was spitting eggs into my finger, so i threw him to the ground and smooshed him for good. poor fly.

something i've noticed is that muslims (at least the ones i've worked with) don't seem to be very creative when it comes to naming their children. EVERYONE wants their kid to be named after the most holy of all prophets who no one can draw or look at or whatever for fear of jihad... you know, mohammed. i'm not shitting you here, but of the muslims i've met in the past, and the MANY i'm working with here, i'm pretty sure i've not met someone who WAS NOT named either mohammed, ahmed, ibrahim, moustapha, or mahmoud (and i notice now that they like the "h"s in their names). i mean, come on, you can be religious and pray 5 times a day and starve yourself for who knows how long for ramadan and hate the world because it's like 130°F everyday but your kids aren't god, they aren't even the son of god and they won't become a prophet just because you name them after one, so have some fun. try out rainbow or markusz or philippe. maybe mix it up with a little yokohama or nikolai or possibly even for shites and giggles... jamal (which does come up on occasion with the converts who get to PICK their names... nope nope, i was wrong, i was thinking of kareem abdul JABAR). anyways, this is my cry to the people of islam, get a little freaky with it, your kids with thank you for it later and it may even help to keep them off the "anonymous" random search list for flights.


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