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12 March 2007

funny songs

ever heard of stephen lynch? i heard him on sirius satellite radio, and he seemed a bit familiar (i think i've seen him on comedy central or something), and he writes funny songs. he's a comedian with a gift for music as well and plays some really funny stuff. but this post isn't about stephen lynch (though if you like this kid, buy some lymch as well).

this post is about bo burnham. he could be stephen lynch's illegitimate son, really. i've only recently heard of him on and i think the kid is funny, so for those of you who don't go to break, check out these vids and tell me what you think. since they are songs, and there are three, if you watch all of them it'll be about 10 minutes out of your day.

"my family thinks i'm gay"

"my little secret"

"the perfect woman"

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