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06 May 2007

going out

due to the asbestos discovery onsite on thursday, we got three days off while they cleaned up. went out for a bit thursday night with the dayshift TA, spent all of friday bouncing around inside my own head in my room, and decided to go out on my own saturday night. on my own, is significant because i don't know how to start conversations, particularly with strangers. so that usually means i go to a bar or such, sit and drink, and go home. the dayshift TA went to edinburgh friday just for the day (he says i should definitely take jules, very romantic city, he says), and i accidentally ran into him in the lobby of the hotel as i was going out. he'd just gotten in from his edinburgh trip and i invited him to come along with me. since he's my manager too, that means he has people skills, he can start the conversations, and i can join in.

so he changed, we went out and had a good time. went to one bar that was kinda slow, then hopped across the street to an only-slightly-more-jumpin'-jumpin' bar. the day shift TA ended up clocking a girl in the head telling a story, that was funny, then some local couples came over and started talking to him. i joined in, and it was decided we were going to go to the nightclub, "time". we went, we drank, we talked, and BOY did i dance. i don't usually dance either, but i was on a mission to have fun. it was horrible dancing i'm sure, but i don't mind helping people to laugh at my expense. the dayshift TA got to see a white boy dancing (and he WAS amused). fun was had by all, then we hopped over to the late night bar across the street to close off the night. i think we got home around 4-ish. it was good, i needed it, but it was, nevertheless, a short-lived high. now i'm back on the ground with the same ol' (and new) worries, but i'm doing what i can to resolve those. wish me luck.

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Blogger themom said...

I'm so glad you are dancing again - the last pics I have of you dancing - you are "chair dancing" in India!!! Such a party animal!

So glad you are "bonding" with the boss too!!

XXXOOO (and I mean it!!)

4:03 PM, May 07, 2007  

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