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05 May 2007

who needs a title? not this post

things kinda went to shite all the sudden, and no one saw it coming.

we get to work thursday night, and there is a meeting... nightshift doesn't have meetings. hmmmm. so, apparently on monday, when they were taking apart some of the steamer, they found asbestos in the gaskets. wednesday night they were removing it, and thursday dayshift, one of the site personnel said, hmmm, maybe there is asbestos in other places. they looked, the found (in some of the gaskets we already removed), site was evacuated. so we didn't work thursday night. the dayshift TA (my timesheet manager) and i went out and had a good time. we ran into the nightshift crew around midnight and rocked the bar until about 4AM.

around noon the next day (friday), the dayshift TA called me and told me we were not working until sunday night. since i'm on nightshift, he caught me full on in my sleep mode, so i wasn't leaving the hotel; he was going to edinburgh for the weekend. i woke up, had breakfast (at dinner time for your normal folk), and watched assloads of "scrubs" (yeah, i'm a party boy), then hit the hay around 8:30 in the AM. i woke up today before i meant to around 4:30PM because my brain clicked that i didn't have any underwear. i've done my laundry two times now at the hotel. the first time they lost it for about 48 hours, this time my brain realized (while i was sleeping for some reason), i got my clothes back yesterday night but no socks and underwear. i went downstairs, they had them labeled under "no name" even though i got the rest of my clothes. so i've been up since then (4.5 hours) and have 10 more hours to be awake to stay in sync with my nightshift schedule. may go hit the town. i have a hard time going out, but i have to do some new things.

that's not to mention the OTHER news i got. blast. let's all hope all turns out well. i'm doing what i can. wish me luck. hah.

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Blogger themom said...

Don't ya just hate to run out of underwear???? I could understand the laundry faux pas in India but in the UK?? Who'd a thunk it!?!?!?


7:37 PM, May 06, 2007  

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