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20 June 2007

damn switch-over

yesterday, i had a hard time getting to sleep, i think i ended up forcing the matter around 3:30 or 4AM. today, it's 6:20AM, and i STILL haven't gone to sleep. i'm not even close to being tired. TheMom wanted to get rid of the kitchen wallpaper so she could paint anew, i woke up around 11AM or so and started on that spending most of the day on tearing it off and scraping off the glue. it was tough, i should be tired. maybe i'll head downstairs around 7AM and start painting i guess. i don't know how i'm going to fix this nightshift body clock i'm on.



Blogger swedish chef dave said...


i have had this nightmare problem with night shifts for 30 years ever since i was a young lad working in the local glass factory on shift work, the only answer i have found is the use of heavy sedative drugs, I actually use Valium and boy does it work wonders, i only use it now and again after jetlag flights and when i cannot get asleep laid in bed wondering what the hell i should do, and it really does knock you out cold for 8 hours of totally undisturbed sleep, i have to buy them in Africa as normally doctors willnot give them to you as they can be addictive, but i use a box a year only, so i have enough for the next 3 years as i buy them in 4 or 5 boxes at a time as i know i cannot get them anywhere else.
you need to get sleep or you can get screwed totally


Swedey boy

8:30 AM, June 20, 2007  

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