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19 June 2007

home for a few days

i made it home pretty much without incident. edmonton to minneapolis was ok. we boarded the plane in minneapolis, pulled away from the gate, and stopped for about an hour waiting to get on the runway. a big storm had rolled over while we were boarding and all east-bound flights were grounded until it got far enough away to fly over/around it, so i was about an hour late getting into pittsburgh, other than that, not much exciting.

i've looked into flights, and i think on sunday, i'm going to fly to colorado springs, to visit a friend for a few days, then on to salt lake city on friday for a wedding, then back home on monday to wait for an assignment. i might be able to take a longer job than usual depending on how SLC goes. i was trying to get a greyhound or amtrak from colorado springs to SLC, but the timings were just awful for WHEN i need to be where i need to be. since i want to see a variety of people on the trip, the amtrak runs but has me leaving colorado springs far too early and arriving in SLC far too late. the greyhound is a BIT better, but not much. i guess i'll have to pop my train cherry some other time, and get my mass transit bus fix down the road. maybe i can drag someone along with me.

in other news, i'm still in night-shift mode. i want to go to bed but i'm not tired. i tried to go to sleep in canada around midnight to get some sleep, but slept awful through til 4AM, so i was tired the entire flight (when i would've normally been sleeping). now it's 1:30AM, and i'm not a bit tired. this sucks. and being that it is late night, i get to watch some strange things. does anyone know who pastor melissa scott is? she is the hottest pastor i've ever seen. i love her hair. there are some old 80's like pix on that page, but her new calmer yet mussed hairstyle is hot, the glasses are great, and i love the long coat she wears, yummy. i probably shouldn't speak so sacreligiously about a woman of the cloth, but i'm guessing that she gets more viewers than her late husband. i can't find any REALLY good pictures of her, so i guess you'll just have to stay up late like me and find her on late night TV.

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Blogger Rich | Championable said...

You're home-base is Pittsburgh?

I didn't know that.

Glad you arrived safe, brother. If you were in NYC, I was gonna suggest meeting up for a quick "hi," cause that would have been hilarious.

6:55 AM, June 19, 2007  

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