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02 June 2007

work, work, work

i just found out today that we aren't working sundays. wtf?! despite the tight schedule and issues we've faced already, the customer doesn't want us to work double time. brilliant. AND what's the worst day to have off if you are on nightshift? sundays. that means you finish your saturday shift sunday morning, no one is serving alcohol at that time, and you get to go out sunday night (YIPPEE!!!) to TRY to find something to do (most of the crew are local so they are going home for the night). i can't even watch the NBA playoffs since they are on tonight and monday night. i need to find some trouble to get into tomorrow. i hear that this area is the divorce capital of either alberta, or the entire of canada, and the guys tell me that means a veritable "smorgas-broad" to choose from. hah. i'm not cut out for that, at least, not while i'm waiting (yeah, may be stupid, but...).

on another note, i've NEVER seen so many women on a power plant in my life. i'm not being sexist, it's just a realization that women are scarce in this biz. i was lucky to have found jules even, hah. the customer has an independent safety contractor onsite to keep an eye on us. on nightshift alone there are 30 personnel, 25 are women, and about 20 of them are quite attractive. it's almost a bad thing. the crew gets distracted trying to flirt with the girls when they should be working. one of the guys told me he was disappointed her was on nightshift. apparently, the girls working on days are "hot enough to be strippers!!" oh, the days of chivalry are not dead. there's another description i'd never heard. one of the guys said, "she's so hot she'd make your tongue hard". i don't get that one, but funny nonetheless.

so, back to the start, i don't know what i'm going to do tomorrow. someone suggested to go to banff, alberta. apparently it is a huge tourist attraction for the canadian rockies. maybe next weekend. not sure i'm up for that amount of driving. it seems like it is a ski friendly place, and i wouldn't think there'd be skiing this time of year since it's like 80° in the days. yeah, but maybe next weekend, i'll go and check out some mountains. that seems like something i'd like to do with someone else though. i think i'd get bored with just looking at mountains all alone. the dayshift TA told me to give him a call, we'd go out for a few beers. i'm staying at a holiday inn for points, but there is a lodge in town that looks pretty nice. i may check out when i get back from work in the morning and move there. makes things easier because it is like 2 blocks from town so we can walk where we want to go and not worry about taxis.

i just can't get into this job. blast it. things shouldn't affect me like this, but they always have. my mind is definitely in another place, but i have to drag it back, at least for a few hours, we are making a big lift. DAMN!

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