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24 July 2007

beware... engineer coming through

this kinda touches on my ADHD. i was "bored" yesterday watching TheSpeedChannel. they had a show on called "Two Guys Garage". i've been watching more and more car shows lately. maybe it's a harbinger that my '91 chevy s-10 is going to leave me soon, i don't know, but i kinda want to fix her up. rebuild the entire engine, but i'm rarely home long enough to start, and i don't have a garage to work on it in (let alone a house). still, yesterday's episode, they were "tuning up" an old car to give away to someone. they did a handful of things, but the things that struck me were replacing the spark plugs and the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve (i'd head ChumpAssFool talk about this before, so i had the vaguest idea of what it was). so, being an engineer who can disassemble and re-assemble multi-million dollar machines, i wasn't going to be intimidated by my little ol' rusty pick'em up truck.

so, i looked up certain things online, functions of said PCV valve, procedures for replacing spark plugs, looked the chilton's book that i bought a couple years ago that is relevant to my truck and decided to do it. i went to the local parts store, got 6 spark plugs and PCV valve. the PCV valve replacement was cake, took me 15 seconds, but i feel good because the old was gunky (as it SHOULDN'T be), and i'm trying to learn something. the chilton's book told me that spark plug changeout should be simple unless you have power-steering and A/C. hah, guess what i have both of? just a little harder to get these beefy forearms in there. i was going to do it yesterday, but i got the whim too late, just as it was getting dark. i was going to do it today, but there are chances of storms all day, and since i have no garage, that hurt the vehicle (rain in the combustion chamber, bad). so, hopefully tomorrow, i can be all grease-monkey.

since i can't do that, and i'm (the word of the moment) "bored", i'm driving to the nearest barnes & noble (1 hour away, damn small town) to buy me some new reading material [not that i don't have about 40+ books on my shelves already that i have in the queue (TheSteadman, remember "kwee-wee"? he was brilliant)], just for something to do.

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Blogger themom said...

I remember "kwee-wee!" What a nimrod he was.

8:24 PM, July 24, 2007  
Blogger swedish chef dave said...

ahoy matey, you shold read all the Harry Potter books i sent you

5:45 AM, July 26, 2007  

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