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30 July 2007

i'm in pitt

so, i got here, got my hotel room, and went to the site for an hour or so. now, i'm going to head out to see what cool stuff there is to do around here (i'm actually about 15 minutes east of pittsburgh in monroeville).

but i wanted to extend the offer, and see if there are any takers. looks like i'm not going to be working weekends so that means i'm gonna be chilling in pittsburgh proper. not sure if i'm getting a hotel there or going to drive the 15 minutes, but... i'm thinking of going to a pittsburgh pirates game and a steelers pre-season game. TheJRod... the cinci reds are playing the pirates at home friday-sunday. i have a king size bed, a sofa bed, and i can probably get a roll away which means i can house me plus maybe 4 other people. wanna see a reds game in pitt? i also extend this to anyone else, i just know that TheJRod is a reds fan. tix are about $35 i think.

also, the steelers are playing a home pre-season game against the packers on 11-august-07 (saturday) that i'll probably go to. anyone wanna tag along? just wanted to throw those out there, and see what sticks. get back to me, anyone, if you might be interested and we'll see what we can do. alter

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Blogger themom said...

take lots of $$$ for scalped tickets to the Steelers game - I will hate you forever - remember that!

11:37 AM, July 31, 2007  
Blogger Mike T said...

Dude go to the strip district and head to Pamani Brothers and get a sandwich. We went there for Marc's bachelor party. Great stuff.

11:52 AM, July 31, 2007  

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