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28 September 2007

new poll

thanks for all the input on my last poll for what i should buy. the top three were lots of blow and hookers (53%), a truck (19%), and invest (12%). as you might know, i went with the runner up, since i ran into a great deal on a truck while vacationing at the NASCAR bristol night race.

i can't really think of another good poll, so i kinda spun off of this one, and what my next big investment might be. any suggestions for polls after this one is done?



Blogger swedish chef dave said...

Ahoy Cap'n

i keep telling you , the USA is at the beginning of a housing crash and prices are about to plummet, so hang on to your cash and sit it out a bit, i reckon you will be able to get aanything you want in about 1 or 2 years time, during which you will have made enough money to buy something outright, I have just sold one of the houses in Costa Rica just before the crash hit s there, I am feeling happy with the cash in the bank, you should do the same for the time being,

speak to you later

Dave of the desert

3:07 PM, September 29, 2007  

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