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27 September 2007

tonight was a scene from a movie

  1. find a good friend for a favor

  2. find a country road, grass or trees along the edge, hillocks or small hills just beyond the road's edge

  3. on a cloudy night, under a navy sky, the hills blue-gray, and the grass lit only by the stray overflow of your headlights, have your friend drive you on this road you've found

  4. roll your window down

  5. put on any enya song ("caribbean blue" worked well for me)

  6. stare out the the passenger window, watching the grass blur past, and the background hills drowsily roll by...

  7. ... and just relax, think, take it in

this all happened to me quite accidentally tonight on the way to work. our driver had just gotten off the highway onto the little country road that leads to the plant. i was in the passenger seat (on the left side of the car as this ONCE used to be a british colony), just biding my time until i arrived at my next 13+ hour nightshift, and enya came on my iPod. i happened to look out the open window, and it felt like a sad scene from a movie. the sense of movement but in no particular direction; certainly none of importance. just moving, moving, moving, but not living. it was a sad movie, not one i'm sure i'd want to see in it's entirety. i think soon, there must be a dramatic twist or uncharacteristic action.

i think soon, the writer and director will have to have to agree on a significant re-write.

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