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06 November 2007

the great white north

well, windsor, ontario has treated me fairly well so far. granted, being on nightshift kinda makes for boring stories. i usually blog much more than i have here. 1) nothing of much interest is going on, and 2) the labor is pretty bad so the supervisor and i are having to be out at the turbine almost the entire night. my feet are killing me. i love the cold, but the cold here is, um, what would be a cold-appropriate word for "oppressive". see, when it comes to heat, a "dry" heat is better than it being humid, which when it is really hot and humid, i consider oppressive. i never really thought about a "dry" cold, but i've learned that there is one, it's not in ontario, and it sucks. yup, it's a "wet" cold here in ontario. the nights are debilitating (yeah, don't think that's gonna work). since the turbine is made of metal, and i have to occasionally crawl around it, the laying on the metal shell to take measurements seeps into your bones, and apparently this has been a mild autumn. i don't know if india has ruined me for life, but it is tough to handle this cold. still, i trudge on.

i should find out tomorrow if my master plan is going to come to fruition. i haven't seen TheJules in about 2 months, and i'm jonesin'. she's the best, and it seems we want to get back together. this work thing has been keeping us apart though. she and i have been talking and i learned tha she's been assigned to a job near cairo, egypt in january '08. i asked if she didn't mind if i tried to get on the same job, and she thought it sounded as good of an idea as i did. i found out that i've worked with the site lead before, emailed him, and he said he'd request me. the request has gone out, my immediate manager will be on a conference call tomorrow with the african region manager to discuss needs, and i'll find out if i get to go. i met the african region manager in early 2005 at a borescope training course, and we hung out a few times in the evenings, cool dude. he knows of my request, so i think i should be good to go. it IS an installation as much as i hate them, but it's the best way to spend a significant amount of time with TheJules, and i want to do that.

the job guarantees at least 70-hour weeks (not sure if we have to work that long, but we get paid it nonetheless), we get 10 days (paid + travel) off every 8 weeks (this is a new incentive to entice people to work in the region), but a 35% location premium. that equals out to a whole lot of bank (again, i'll probably be out of the country long enough to get my federal taxes back), me getting to (hopefully) live with TheJules for a good number of months, and seeing an ancient country (oh yeah, new-king-tut exhibit, here i come!). mechanical TAs are needed before controls TAs, so i'll have to travel around 20-nov of this year. i'll be there another two months before TheJules gets there, but it should be OK. i'll live. we are trying to figure out a way to meet up before i go, as she gets back from qatar on saturday, 17-nov and then i have to fly out 3 days later. this jet-setting life MAY be getting a little old. it's fun, but there are better things to live for, ya know?

that's my update for now. i'll try to post more regularly, and things of more excitement.


Blogger themom said...

I never thought I would hear you complain about the COLD!!! Hmmm...your body appears to be changing as you get OLD!! I do so hope things work out with Jules - you know me - eternal optimist. ** Ran Spybot and can get online again...Yippee!!

9:28 AM, November 06, 2007  

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