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09 October 2007

this time tomorrow

i'll be at the port of spain airport sitting in a chair, anxiously awaiting the boarding call for my flight home through miami. i get in about 3:30pm, and i can't wait. this was a good job (the site lead must've liked my work as he is bringing me with him to new foundland at the end of october for a job), but it's always nice to go home, especially when you have new toys waiting for you, like my new truck and a bunch of stuff i bought online and forget what i got (xmas in october). so awesome.

in other news, the trinidad highway patrol are pretty strange from a U.S. standpoint, at least from what i hear from the drivers. i've noticed us passing the highway patrol on the highway before. the patrol car had his lights on, and was somberly cruising along the highway, not stopping anyone and in no particular hurry. apparently, they rarely pull people over for speeding. the speed limit is 80kph, and they drive that speed with their lights on to pace people. we usually pass them around 100kph, and they have no problem. it seems they only pull you over if you go, maybe, 140+kph, or are driving recklessly. also, whenever they hear about a big party, they set up a sobriety checkpoint, but it's not like a U.S. checkpoint. they'll stop everyone leaving the party, give them a sobriety test, and if they fail, someone else in the car has to drive... that's all, no fine, no jail time, no DUI charge. if no one in the car can drive, they have you pull over to the side of the road and sleep it off. they come by every couple of hours and test you until you are sober enough to drive. how crazy is that?

well, i gotta pack up all my work stuff here in the office (hardhat, etc). more from the U.S. when i get there.

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Anonymous trinny said...

oh my god, NEWFOUNDLAND!!!!! If you are anywhere near St. Johns, I am so coming to visit you while you are up there! Always wanted to go there.

7:28 PM, October 11, 2007  
Blogger slyght said...

no problem, i'm sure i can accommodate you. what is it about NF that fascinates you so?

1:54 AM, October 12, 2007  

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