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24 October 2007

sorry i've been slacking

i got home from trinidad on the 10th. on the 13th, i went to T's wedding and had a GREAT time. it was a lovely ceremony, nobody screwed up besides T reciting his vows to the priest instead of erin, but i'll let him off, he was nervous. at the reception, chumpass had to go home, his mom had come home from columbus hospital that day, and she was going to have to go to the local hospital. a few short days later on chmumpass's 30th birthday, she was gone. i can't say it any better than TheMom has in her post. it was a tragedy. chumpass's family has been dealing, as have we, all her friends and extended family. the past week has been filled with pre-wake's, pre-pre-wake's, the funeral, the graveside ceremony, the wake, and post-wake. we've been busy, and yet it still feels like nothing really got done. chumpass knows i'm there for him and his family if they need me, no matter where i am (on my way to windsor, canada tomorrow for three weeks). only a phone call away. i'll try to catch up there. until then, keep chumpass and his family in your thoughts.

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