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13 November 2007

today was a waste

seriously. my schedule is messed up anyways trying to get back on a dayshift schedule, and today didn't make it any better. i went to bed around 1AM sunday morning and woke up around 5AM, not tired. bought some books online, ran some errands, goofed around, played some halo3, and went to bed around 1 AM again. before i went to bed, i got some bad news from jules, i wasn't in a good mood so i decided to sleep on it. i woke up today around 11AM still pissed about the bad news.

you see, jules and i had been planning on meeting up in columbus this weekend. we haven't seen each other in 2 months or so because of work. we are getting things back together and miss each other, and it seemed things were going to work out. she was supposed to be coming back from qatar on friday, and she was going to come to columbus to see me before i flew out to egypt on tuesday. the customer she is working for decided they want to keep her there until 17-december. that SO sucks!!! that means by the time she gets to egypt, we won't have seen each other for almost 5 months. it's so not right. i don't know why we work for this company anymore. the company really doesn't fight for us at all. we provide a valuable service to the customer, but our company doesn't compensate us enough and acts like we are machines that don't need time at home, time with family, want to use our vacation how we see fit rather than what fits their schedule. i'm just pissed. we were both looking forward to getting to see each other for a few days, and it's all down the tubes like that. now we have 2-3 more months before we get to see each other. FUKK!!!

anyways, that led to my useless day. like i said, i woke up at 11AM, TheNephew stayed home from school because he was sick, and i stayed in my room playing halo3 most of the day... literally. from 11AM to 8PM, with a few bathroom breaks and maybe a few TV breaks when i was frustrated, i played a video game. i should've cleaned, i should've at least left the house, i should've read or packed. i'm just really down because of this shitty decision by the customer in qatar.

tomorrow i can't do the same. TheMom is going for a consult for an addition to her tattoo, i believe TheOlderSister is going as well, i have to hang xmas lights, and then TheMom, TheOlderSister and i are probably going to bw3 for wing night. i think TheNephew is staying home again tomorrow, so he'll probably lay on the couch watching cartoons while we are working. i really do need to clean my room. since i'm leaving for maybe a year or more in a week, shouldn't leave it in this state while i'm away. plus, there might be things in here i want to take with me.

i'm not tired, it's 1:30AM, and i'm pissed about not seeing jules, but i'm going to try to go to sleep. we'll see how well that works.

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