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18 August 2008

cliff's notes for just about every heartbreak poem ever

right now i want to:
          go home, go to sleep
          walk away
          kiss her
          hold her
          kill him
          scream at her
          fix her
          get fucked up
          get REALLY fucked up
          beat something
          cut something
          make her understand
          talk to her about everything she hasn't
          take a few days off with her
          make love to her, make her forget
          show her how good it is, how good we are
          see her smile, make her laugh
          feel her love again
          make him disappear
          make it all... go... away
          not be aimless
          not feel so alone, empty
          scare her, really fucking scare her
          make her cry
          make her love me again
          have more hours in the day to do it
          have more days on this job to do it
          take her out, show her a good time, on a date again
          make her believe in miracles, in us
          give her the ring and ask her anyways
          show it to her and throw that fucking ring in the river
          to not change us for the other, but to improve ourselves, together, for us
          us to talk, about it all
          that one sweet, slow deep kiss
          to be bitten again
          her to want me
          her to bleed for me like i do for her
          her to have hope
          to feel her breath on my neck again
          to hear her heart flutter, her breath catch when i graze her skin
          that cuddled sleep-sigh of hers, content to be close to me, to be mine
          to make her see gods and cry out to them

how many of those will happen? i dare not guess or dream.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please don't do anything stupid. We love you.

The Sister

12:32 PM, August 18, 2008  
Blogger slyght said...

well it's too late for that, and i'm learning that sometimes love isn't enough. but i'll live. don't worry about me.

7:01 AM, August 19, 2008  

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