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24 November 2008

R&R alpha - oktoberfest (day 2) - PFAND!!!

EDIT: i must be as precise as possible. TheWayne reminded me that i missed a funny thing. on the first day of our oktoberfest experience, we had our first beers at a stand up location; that is, you went the stand, ordered, got your beer and stood there until you were done. we were looking at the types of beers they had at this stand, maybe 3 or 4 varieties, and i saw a sign that said "pfand (cauzione) 3 euro". at this i got excited, i was in the mood to experience oktoberfest in true oktoberfest fashion, DEEEEE-runk. after our beers had been drunk, TheWayne took the glasses back to the bar to order two more. that was when he learned that "pfand" means refund. you paid a 3 euro deposit on the glasses in case you walked away with them. so, alas, pfand (cauzione) wasn't nearly as exciting as i'd thought i was going to be.

so, on day two, i wake up late. i believe TheWayne and i were going to get breakfast but missed it... i think. i slept in, recovered, relaxed, reveled in the fact that i was in germany for the last hoorah of oktoberfest 2008. i'd booked two rooms and TheWayne was in the one next door. we'd gotten in touch (come to think of it, maybe we DID make it to breakfast), and TheWayne looked rough. apparently, he'd been up barfing all night, so much that you ALMOST need a second hand to count occurrences on. after dilly dallying around a bit, TheWayne realized that he wasn't really jet-lagged at all, and we thus decided that the best cure for jet-lag is to get bombed and puke all night. granted it's a bit drastic, but if you don't want to be a zombie for a week while your body is adjusting... everything worth while requires sacrifice. we finally made our way to oktoberfest around 5pm or so i i recall correctly which IS highly suspect about the account of the ENTIRE trip.

we'd resigned ourself to pretty much sit at the crowded areas outside the beer tents since we figured we got lucky meeting TheRon the previous day. we walked around the fest a bit, and then settled in at the hacker pschorr outside area. it was raining off and on, and by the time we'd sat down it was "ON". to take our minds off, we drank. that picture of TheWayne above is him doing that very thing, sitting in the rain at hacker pschorr taking his mind off. TheWayne is good at traveling light. he arrived with a stuffed backpack that held longsleeves, short sleeves, shorts, sleep clothes, some clothes for a night on the town. i don't know he did it. i came with a BIG suitcase and still didn't have everything i needed (i.e. windbreaker, jacket, etc.). granted, i's just come from egypt where you don't need those things, so i didn't pack them when i went for the job initially. so i was sitting in the rain, getting soaked and drunk, TheWayne was sitting in the rain, staying DRY and drunk. it was good times. we sat there for a bit when the guy across the aisle from us, invited us over to get out of the rain as they were lucky enough to have scored a table under a roof of sorts. this is a picture of our friends. from left to right, me, TheWayne, TheKroner (from denmark or something), TheFrederick (from kenya or something), and the photo was taken by TheHacham (from egypt). we ordered more beers and sausage and a fish you can see in the pic. we talked about just about everything, but mostly politics. see, once people found out TheWayne and i were american, the first thing that came out of their mouths was "who are you voting for?" i mean EVERYONE asked us that. no one likes george bush or his policies, we pretty much said that we agreed as well. we had a good time talking and getting dry. TheHacham loved talking about egypt. he was a german citizen now and hadn't been back in a long time, but he missed it. TheKroner was kind of quiet but that might've been since he was the farthest away from me, i think he and TheFrederick talked to TheWayne quite a bit.

after much drink and laughter, the beerwenches (and i use that as a term of endearment, seriously) came 'round and kicked us out as it was past last call. things are a bit blurry here, but i know we took the train back to feldkirchen. while waiting for the train, i think we ran into some guys dressed in the traditional bavarian outfit including lederhosen. i believe i asked them where we could find some, or we asked directions or something, and he just wandered up to a fairly attractive, blond, german girl on the platform and asked her. she told use we could get some at marienplatz square at a store near the mcdonald's. of course, you could get them pretty much anywhere, but the store she recommended sold them at a good price. she was heading the same direction as TheWayne and i, so we got on the same train and talked the whole while. we found out that she was going home to her husband and baby, and her evil step-mother was shadowing/chaperoning her. i guess i never realized there was a brooding older brunette lady always nearby. she would give sidelong glances our way whenever our blond friend laughed or otherwise seemed to be having a good time. the conversation was good and it made the trip pass quite easily. we bit her adieu, got off at our stop, and that's the last thing i have in my notes for the day, must've gone to bed (read, passed out).

here's me earlier in the day eating a half-meter sausage (insert joke here). there were 1-meter sausages advertised, but i never saw anyone with one, that must be for the professionals... you ever see german porn?

this is the background mural for the tailspin, an amusement park ride at oktoberfest that whips you around like mad (i didn't go on it). this mural isn't that exciting except for... what is that on the right of the mural? a NEKKID lady?! awesome!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Nein nein nein nein nein nein..."

A few corrections. By the time we made it back to Oktoberfest in the afternoon, we walked around for a bit, got something to eat, and walked around trying to decide where to drink. I think you are correct that it was the Hacker Pschorr, but we got there when there was still light. We stood in line to the door for like 45mins. Then I just decided to walk over to the table and ask if the 2 end seats were taken. Then I flagged you to come over and sit down. We sat there for a bit without getting wet. I don't remember her name, but the beerwench and you started talking. She was friendly. She kept bringing us beer. She told us not to order food from the kitchen, because it was faster to go outside. At that point, it had become cold, dark, and rainy. We were wet, but nicely buzzed.

BUT, we got up and left the Hacker Pschorr. We went looking to go somewhere else, but I think it was the Fischer Vroni that was the least packed. The beerwench there wouldn't serve us until we sat down, EVENTHOUGH there were plenty of open tables in the rain. Sitting is a must for some reason. She sat us at the table with Kroner, the Croat, Fredrik, the Kenyan, and Hakim, who I am pretty sure was from Turkey and not Egypt.

Kroner didn't speak english very well, and Fredrik was his translator. Kroner enjoyed the conversation enough that he took it upon himself to get up and go and buy the fish, the fries, and the sausages. Good man.

We eventually left, and we walked back to the hotel from the train station in Feldkirchen. You doubted my sense of direction and did not think I knew where we were going to get back to the hotel. I think it was at this point that I had to take a MAJOR shit, and we were practically running across the field. No puking that night by either of us, but we couldn't score any late, late night food. We destroyed breakfast the next morning.


9:57 AM, November 25, 2008  
Blogger themom said...

And a FUN time was had by all!!! What a trip you guys are - it has to be great to set out with no definite plans and just have fun - that's good for everyone.


10:46 AM, November 25, 2008  
Blogger slyght said...

thank god i have TheWayne around to fill in the blanks. apparently, i WAS doing oktoberfest right. we are a good team. more errors to come later.

10:25 AM, November 26, 2008  
Blogger swedish chef dave said...


mexican food is fantastic
mexican beer is fantastic
mexican weather is crap this time of year
mexican internet is poor
I am in a poor part of mexico to have fun
I am leaving in a week so I am going home to a wife who has finally admitted she was trying to control me in everything I did, we will see how everything goes

keep enjoying Oktoberfest memories

Dave in the foggy rainy fresh Baja peninsular

12:56 AM, November 27, 2008  

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