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03 December 2008

i might be cheap

i've never considered myself cheap. still, my family wasn't all the well off growing up, so i kinda know what being broke(ish) is like, so ever since i've started making decent money, i've always kept a stash. granted, my friends have made fun of my stash. i say i'm broke when, in reality, i know i'm not, but i'm always trying to be prepared for the unexpected emergency that might cost $20k.

tonight, on the way back from happy hour, we started talking (for some reason) about suits. one of the guys has bought a $5k suit TWICE in his life. he asked "haven't you ever heard the phrase "the clothes makes the man?, you walk into a bar and you get RESPECT" and we are like, they don't know it costs $5k unless you tell them, and then you just sound pompous. i told him i could pin my W-2 to my t-shirt... (he was making fun of for me wearing a t-shirt and shorts and me thinking i was on par with him), and i could get the same, if not better, results.

TheOtherGuy and i were laughing at him, in good fun, then TheOtherGuy said his shoes cost LE 2000 (~$400). i asked why he spent that much, and he said they were hugo boss, the chicks liked them. i'm like "WTF?! you are only HALF as bad as HIM. we then split ways to our individual rooms, and i thought, maybe i'm just cheap. i like toys, gadgets, gizmos, things that are fun or interesting, but i'm not the alpha male who dresses to impress the ladies and the employers who might be interested in my gadgets ONCE i got them to my place... which i don't have. i try to buy things that are at least a little bit useful (**block** all those who might mention things i might've bought that aren't so useful at all)

there is an xkcd comic on this, but i can't find it right now. i'll find it bokra, or maybe badi bokra.

'night bambinos


Blogger themom said...

Hey dude...your clothes have definitely "made the man." You are your own person and a very smart one at that. I can't envision you in a $5k suit, btw your suit is still in my closet - can't remember when you wore it last though!


word verification: "prekernu"
sounds dirty!

5:17 PM, December 03, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, that reeally must have sucked having to drink beers (or did they order cosmopolitans?) with those two pompous assholes.

I bet I have better game than the two of them combined.

By the way, my favorite fashion accessory is my baseball cap, which I wear all the time. Chicks dig my baseball caps (and my truck).


10:02 AM, December 04, 2008  
Blogger swedish chef dave said...

Anyone who buys a suit ever for anything other than a wedding is an asshole, and anyone who spend $5000 on a suit is a complete and total dead loss. that is about as idiotic a comment to make about something you wear as I have ever heard, it is the person in the clothing not the clothing, people who make that sort of comment are vacant and Narcisistic, they would prefer to look at themselves in the mirror telling themselves how wonderful they are. full of shit that sort or person, better of drinking alone than taking time out with them.

dude i hate that sort of person


dave in the jungle

10:41 AM, December 07, 2008  

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