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06 December 2008

R&R alpha - oktoberfest (day 3) - drucken!

for some reason, i'm titling these posts with foreign words. sometimes they'll make sense as they have up until now, but i just liked the word "drucken" which means "push". maybe because it looks like drunken. either way, onward and upward.

day 3 started out about the same as the night before... rainy, and a bit hungover. TheWayne and i walked to the bus stop to take that to the train to go marienplatz. after a few minutes of waiting, a kindly young gentle-kraut who worked at the hotel that the bus stopped at, came out to tell us that today, 3-october, was unification day in remembrance of the fall of the berlin wall. thus, we were informed that the buses weren't running. TheWayne, decked out in appropriate wet weather gear, and i, not so appropriately donned, set out walking to the train station in the rain.

not too long after, we'd arrived in marienplatz looking for the shop we heard about the night before from TheTrainChick that sold lederhosen. we soon found it what might've been intuitive already... all the shops were closed for the holiday. the picture above is me at marienplatz, wet from the rain but still determined to look like an american tourist. TheWayne and i walked and walked and toured and walked and just, yeah, pretty much walked. TheWayne is good for walking. it's good to see things, but i didn't bring going-on-an-extended-walkabout-to-find-myself appropriate shoes. we stumbled onto an obnoxiously ornate church that was just standing there, minding it's own business, trying rather successfully to hide among other modern buildings. that is the pic you see in this paragraph. we had lunch at an out-of-the-way restaurant. i had pickled pork knuckle and sauerkraut; TheWayne had some sort of soup with goose liver dumpling, something else too. soon enough, we were leaving theresienwiese station, up the escalator and going for our third day of insane oktoberfest drinking and fun.

most of this day was spent at the augustiner brau, as we'd heard they had the strongest beer, and beer at oktoberfest is pretty much the same price anywhere you go. we found a table outside with two seats open, asked the guys across from us if it was taken, it wasn't, we sat, and got massive mugs o' beer. our new friends were TheDaniel and TheStefan. i thought they were german, but TheWayne heard another accent (austrian?). their english was limited but choppy conversation ensued over the next few hours. beer is, apparently, the universal translator. those two kids pulled out a tin and snorted some brown stuff off the backs of their hands. no clue what it is so i can't elaborate, but after that, they seemed to have a livelier time. TheDaniel asked what kind of music i liked... i said heavy stuff: slipknot, system of a down, etc. he was SOOOO excited. he had some slipknot on his phone and played it for me. he said i absolutely had to meet him at some concert somewhere sometime in november to see them with a load of other heavy metal bands. i told him i'd try. TheStefan said he liked hardcore music and pulled his phone out. apparently, our definitions of hardcore are oceans apart. what he calls hardcore, i'd call trance or techno. i mean, i like it alot, but it's not hardcore, it's... electronica, rave music. they were funny. they liked skoal bandits. i didn't think skoal made those anymore. eventually, time had come for them to leave, and we had to move on elsewhere, so they did, and we did, and that was that.

TheWayne and i ended up at the outside tables of the hippodrom. this part is a major blur for me. i'm sure TheWayne will be able to fill in the details in the comments. i don't remember any conversations here, i remember a troop of revelers wearing red and yellow soccer jerseys and clown afro wigs standing on the benches across from us. also, i remember the guy i was talking to (or rather, he was talking to me and i was ding my best to keep my eyes open) i kept trying to tell him that he looked like the bad guy, sylar, from heroes. he was busy telling me something important i'm sure, like he's here from the future and warning me not to have another beer or the world will end in 50 years because of what that sets off due to the chaos theory... and all i could think was... "dude, you're the BAD guy". am i wrong, doesn’t he look like sylar? i'm not linking to sylar, you have to look him up yourself, use your internet savvy. then tell me how delusional i am because i have an uncanny knack of thinking people look like other people then when seeing a picture, i realize how wrong was... that's why i'm NOT looking up sylar, i don't want to be wrong again.

anyways... we hippodrom'd, drank, talked, walking-zombied, had a generally oktoberfestical time. after the hippodrom, we wandered back to the train, quietly and uninterestingly rode that home to feldkirchen station were we got off and two girls got off as well. it was ate, and we were all walking in the same direction (to give credit, i was just following TheWayne, because without a map, my sense of direction is shite). we found out these lovely ladies were portuguese (yeah?) and staying at our hotel as well. they asked TheWayne to guess where they were from and before he had a chance, they blurted out. i was just trying to keep my feet under me. we (I) stumbled along the streets, through the muddy field, and finally through that glorious thing known as the frickin' holiday inn express front door. i was wanting my bed. i crawled into bed, clothes and all despite realizing that i was a mustardy mess from one of the lovely mustardy, heart-clogging sausages i'd had at the end of the night. tomorrow would be another day...

this was our drink house of choice. and they call this a "beer tent". awesome!

baby's wear? pre-baby's wear? i have no clue



Blogger themom said...

Hey, I see your typing skills are still - shitty!!! Spell check has this intrinisc way of ignoring such errors. You need to invent a "grammar check!" Be rich and famous. But alas, another neat description of your wonderful Oktoberfest vacation.

**I will wait for theWayne to correct any errors.


12:47 PM, December 06, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that's what I call good old TA times. By the way... that guy probably was from the future. I think we've all met a few of those on similar nights. --Chris

9:04 PM, December 06, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HA! I totally forgot about the Portuguesas!!! I remember being quite surprised that they recognized and remembered us from the first night when we were sitting at the hotel bar, because I don't believe either of us -- at least myself -- ever saw them. They checked in or came into the lobby and spied us up. I don't remember much of the conversation walking back to the hotel though, but I do remember them not giving us a chance to guess. I'd say they were certainly missed opptys those...!!!

No complaints with this report. On target. I thought we concurred that the "brown stuff" was hash? Oh, and I had guessed that they were Austrian based on their accent, but it turned out that they were Swiss.


1:48 AM, December 07, 2008  
Blogger swedish chef dave said...


what a thoroughly entertaining trip that seemed to be, those steins are silly size, it encourages gross overconsumption, making you miss those important things being said by the man from the future. He was telling you that if you wait another 12 months before you buy a house you will be able to buy one for about $5 as the whole world will be bankrupt by then.
keep smiling Egypt has to be better than mexico


Dave back in the jungle finally

10:30 AM, December 07, 2008  

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