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16 May 2009

perfect timing

7 days down... that wasn't too bad, and tonight as i was walking back from dinner, i ran into 3 guys from another company that TheMech can i met a couple months back. they are in town for a week to finish up the job they started. we are gonna go out tomorrow night to catch up. so i get to socialize AND not break my 7 days. things are looking good.

and just a warning to all my peepz out there... i found this onsite, and found it to be very wise.

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Blogger adhyapaka said...

Congrats on your seven days. I will hold off on the intervention.

1:35 AM, May 17, 2009  
Blogger themom said...

Please, please...WEAR YOUR FACE!!!

9:23 AM, May 17, 2009  

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