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07 July 2005

oday was a good day

india has become orders of magnitude better. maybe i'm over-exaggerating there, but i found out a lovely thing the other day. not only do i have only 17 days until i being my trek home, but NASCAR is here.

a couple days ago, the channels here at the hotel changed. the big channel chain was star (star sports/movies/india/news, etc). about a week ago i realized that star world had changed, now it was some cartoon channel. and i noticed there were a lot more "Z" channels (Z sports/news/cafe/studio, etc). wasn't happy because Z studio plays "full house" and old crap shows like that. then i decided to check, hope against hope, for NASCAR. i've tried the other sports channels here, 10 sports has WWE. occasionally, star sports had some basketball games during the finals.

there it was, a replay of the pepsi 400 on sunday morning, 10AM. EXCELLENT! and then when i thought things couldn't get any better, i see that the chicagoland race is going to be on LIVE!!! i'll have to wake up around midnight sunday night to watch it, go to bed around 4AM til 8AM then go to work monday morning but this is going to be great.

they've signed on for the entire NASCAR season, so i hope that they do well. cricket is the indian sport of choice. all the other channels have cricket as their core sport. Z sports went out on a limb as a self-proclaimed "alternative" sports channel. without cricket everyone figured they would flop, almost did, but NASCAR has actually helped them along with coverage of some of the bigger tennis matches.

enough history. i just hope they stay afloat. this place isn't nearly so bad now, still sucks but a little light.

i had 3 scotch and waters last night, strange.


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