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06 September 2005

controlled fall theory / the small death (working title)

some verse from an old poem book

our nature is to fall
repeatedly from birth through extinguishing
so few understand
and it is absurd to run from
something you don't know
try as we might, there is no escaping
fa(i)lling is birthright as we descend,
departing the womb
foetus exoneri
society based on corporate ladders,
pictographed in hierarchy,
everyone instinctively
clawing from their holes

i didn't finish that one. i thought it started well but fizzled, could be because i didn't finish it. here's another:

do you smell pine when you die?
because i just did
& i'm afraid to go to sleep
it's been so long since
my thumbs graced your cheek (left)
and my hand held your neck
we inclined and closed eyes
(whispered) i might forget how
i'm afraid to sleep. but that is
about the only place i remember
the only place things are easy
& good things happen, where i
can do things, actually
before i get old.

maybe more later if i find something that won't piss someone/anyone off.


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