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06 September 2005

uckinf-ay iredt-ay of this hits-ay

i hope everyone had a nice labor day weekend and are now comfortably passed out in their beds or someone else's, i suppose, is better. not much going on here. got home around 12:30 this morning. that sucked. at least we made SOME progress last night, which is better than the negative progress me made the day before. i missed the replay of the NASCAR race, i was gonna have a nice night in, drink a coupla beers, watch the race, drink some more beers, maybe squeeze one off, you never konw, i like to keep my options open. but instead, i was here till midnight. bastardos. so i'm a bit tired and a bit cranky. i'm HOPING to go home on time tonight but that is probably very unlikely for the rest of this job.

i added a coupla links over there on the right. yeah, i'm not running at the FRONT of the cool kid crowd, but i foud these and liked them. is pretty neat, it has just about any slang term you can think of and it's definition. i was looking up ba dunk-a-dunk today and thought of juddy. you can add your own definitions as well, if you think yours is more appropriate. i also added wikipedia. wikipedia is like an online encyclopedia, but like urbandictionary (though i think wikipedia did it first), you can update the articles. these are serious and non-serious subjects that people add their information on. it is pretty well regulated. not too many people abuse it with graffiti, but it is usually remedied quickly by the administrators. it is pretty cool stuff. you should try to look something up on it.

ok, i gotta go work, dammit. lata


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