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07 September 2005

the butterfly effect / chaos theory

no poetry today, though it has a similar format to the previous post. i was just thinking of the millions of the inane decisions i've made in my life to get me here (when i wake up, if i should jerk off or not (usually in the affirmative), should i have another beer?). all the split second decisions i've had to make so i don't get in an accident (not many but some were close). all the brilliantly stupid ideas i've had that have amazingly not gotten me killed (firecracker baseball, bottle rocket battles, the mankiller - though that is chad's baby). the main precept behind chaos theory is the underlying notion of small occurrences significantly affecting the outcomes of seemingly unrelated events. this is most notably described by the butterfly effect (also, a good movie despite ashton kutcher being in it). this is described by surmising that if a butterfly flaps its wings in Tahiti it can, in theory, produce a tornado in Kansas. seemingly unrelated events leading to unimaginably large possible results. had i slept in a little later one day or decided to not go into a moshpit til the next song, depending on what happened next, i might have died a couple years later or i might've met a gorgeous nympho budwesier heiress star who legimitately found this overweight nerd to be her dream man.

so this leads me up to last night, as boring as the beginning of this post was... last night we got done work early (and by early, i mean 3 hours late which is better than we've been averaging of late), so we all got back to the hotel around 9:20pm, quick shower and down to the bar before they stop serving at 10:30pm. i get there and get a whiskey and a beer (have to make up for lost time, didn't get to drink at all the night before). finished those, had some more, and some more. paul, emma and i were having a good time talking, joking, glad we made some progress at work. paul left just after closing, maybe 10:45 or so. emma and i stayed until we were the last people, had a LAST last call, we left and weren't tired so we wandered about the hotel. we found access to the roof and went up there to check out the view. pretty nice, it was pretty muggy though. there's a huge TV antenna on top of the hotel to get all the satellite feeds or whatever it is. despite it's size, the channels here aren't very reliable (guess size ISN'T everything). it's the tallest spot in rajahmundry, as far as i can tell. so this leads to... why and how the hell did we end up here? what a strange course of events to lead me to this this job, this country...

to quote clint while he was being talked over at some random party (i think j. miller's (female))... "and THAT is the essence of the chaos theory!"


Anonymous miami t said...

Z, I don't know how or why you ended up there, but I can take a guess as to what you did up there! Just joking. Or am I? Don't hate the playa, hate the game.

3:18 PM, September 08, 2005  

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