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04 September 2005

happy birthday COLTON

Happy 5th Birthday, COLTON!!!

today is my nephew Colton's birthday. from what i heard, i think he is going to be starting kindergarten in a couple days, or pre-school. i don't know, but he is very excited. he wants to ride a bus so bad, but i think he is going to be driven to school, poor guy, but i'm sure he'll get over it once he makes new friends. here is a picture of the little booger. i THINK i might've heard he likes spiderman. i'm trying to stay out of the country 330 days to get my taxes back, but it is hard not to see him. my mom (colton calls her neena instead of grandma) bought a world map, and there are pushpins and flags on it showing where i've worked all over the world. he knows where india is and knows i'm far away. once time i was working in wales, then then had to go directly from there to turkey. when my mom told him this, he was trying to figure out what i was doing inside a whale and how i went from being in a whale to being in a turkey. he's a cutie. that kid is gonna get so much trim. i'll have to keep an eye on him and take notes.

well, colton, i'm gonna try to be on my webcam tonight sometime so get neena to put her cam on too so i can see you guys. i love you and i miss you and i'm sorry i can't be home. i'll take you out when i get home next. be good.


Anonymous m.ramesh said...

Hi colton! How are you man. You look real smart in the lovely photo. Have a great BIRTHDAY! We will be celeberating your birthday in India. you know Zac is going to throw a great party to night.

4:57 AM, September 05, 2005  

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