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05 September 2005

tiny update

i updated the background to something with a little more color, a little sexier. tell me if you have any problems with it. i tried it out on someone else's computer and it was too small, had a small white bar at the top, or any other problems you might have. blah, i'm stuck at work late AGAIN. the customer's disorganization should not affect my psychological state like this. i have mood swings from apathy to primal rage to bliss for what little time when i get to spend in bed. these people... and now my computer is messing up on me. i fukking give up. CHRIST!!!


Anonymous mom #1 and mom #2 said...

nope - jean and i decided we DON'T like the update. our very OLD eyes have trouble deciphering everything.

luv ya

8:07 PM, September 09, 2005  

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