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28 September 2005

Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

i think i have a hippie thing going on... well not the drugs so much and not the music (ick... beatles?? grateful dead??? blah) but with my wicked 1-week beard and my long hair, i think i might have some sort of hippie thing going on, albeit quite pathetic but hey, i'm trying. my dad's nick name was hippie, too bad... cuz he wasn't worth much (to me). sorry mom, sorry carrie. never liked him much. he had a small mullet going on, i'm guessing that is how he got the name... dunno, was into country music, liked reba mcentire and janice joplin (not country), kinda of a redneck, well could be a hippie with janice... dunno. but a dick. either way, the only thing he did good was meet my mom and have us kids... when he died, i had a hard time crying, was done with him. my brother's (from his first marriage) were asking why i wasn't crying when he died. i think they knew a different him. i hope they did. if they cried for the same man i didn't, i'm sorry for them. dunno. ended up crying in consolably for some reason after that. i think i was coerced by the voices in my head. lovely with the alcohol and the talking. mom sorry, i won't be him, promise, maybe i'll be ANOTHER kinda screw up, but not him. i'll make sure everyone is taken care of. i got TheGeneral dollaz. ok kids, enough of the shite

there was more there but i gave up on it. negativity only fucks with my theory on HIV+/- sex interactions. so fuck it. i know about the HIV. i like the scissor sisters. they do a good cover of pink floyd, i think. eh... wtf ever... i'm done. i've lost my muse, and i'm only a rambling inebriate at this point. y'all take care. miss y'all

go get the new bloodhound gang CD "foxtrot uniform charlie kilo". come on, get it, they are funny. NOW NOW NOW. iwant it. someone send it to me.

zac bonenberger
hotel anand regency #219
26-3-7, jampet
rajahmundry 533 103
andhra pradesh

bring it kids... send something, empty toilet rolls, vibrating eggs, etc. it might be reimbursed depending on what you send. get on it. ths place sucks. lata


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