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09 October 2005

i'm a millionaire

well, i'm working again on sunday. not very happy about it but hey, it's double time, so i can't complain too much though i'd've rathered sleep in today. and it is hot as ballz today, man. i'm soaked to the bone and i'm not even working, just walking around taking some pictures of some things onsite that need documented. googly. the indians don't sweat. it blows my mind. yeah, they are acclimated to it but come on. maybe they've evolved to being cold-blooded. hrm.

anyways, two days ago i went to the ATM, took out about 10,000 rupees for the week or so, and i asked for the receipt. it showed my available balance as Rs. 1,004,062. i'm a freakin' millionaire. that's so awesome. i mean, a millionaire here isn't so impressive, maybe a billionaire (that'd be like USD$23M), but i'm definitely not staying that long, hell no. still, i think it is cool. now my mama can brag about her little boy being a millionaire. hah.

i have some money lying around, and i'm trying to think of something constructive to do with it. maybe buy land, maybe buy a house (not sure if i have enough for that), maybe put it in a CD. any ideas. it's just sitting doing nothing, and according to some investment firm -- i work hard for my money so i wanna make my money work hard for me. but i'm clueless basically. i have some cheddar banked into some mid-cap mutual funds. i did this last time i was home, but that was early august, and i haven't seen a statement since they are mailed to my house in ohio. i don't know how they are doing. blah.

looks like work is going on for a bit longer than i had hoped. this sucks. so i'm gonna go pout or something, use my masculine charm to get the hell outta here. yeah right


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