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03 October 2005

ghandi, wtf man?

well here i am, still, in india. looking like this thing might actually go a year (fancy that, since that is a typical install schedule for a turbine this size). the customer wanted it done in 4 months. kinda new to the game, i guess. anyways, we are staying late as usual, i won't even get into them not changing our work schedule anymore. we didn't have to work yesterday (sunday), kinda wiggled our way out of it. they ASSUMED we would work (and what a good assumption that is considering IT'S NOT IN THE @#!$-ING CONTRACT to work on sundays). sorry, did it again. so we had yesterday off, a good day to sleep in, wake up, do nothing, if i got up by 10:00AM (i didn't) i could've watched the replay of the dover race, go to the bar, have a couple beers. instead i'm sleeping in and around noon, i get a text from adam (electrical TA) that the bar is closed. WTF? and then i get a text from paul (mech TA) that all over india it is a dry day in honor of ghandi's birthday. COME ON!!! not on my day off. later in the day, i'd ordered room service and i asked them about some beers, they told me about ghandi's birthday so no, and i called ghandi a bastard. luckily they know me and know that my quips are not prejudiced to anyone one race, creed, religion, etc. i'm an equal-opportunity offender. come on, mr. ghandi. in america on some famous person's birthday, like president or something, we don't outlaw mead or ale, e usually get a bank holiday and go out to drink IN HONOR of that person (well not so much but there might be a few Young Republicans throwing back a cosmo or two for just that occasion). i can understand, he was a bit of a pacifist, and sometimes people can get a bit agitated of they drink, so maybe, but in it's place, they should PROMOTE weed. stoned people are pacifist people. they just wanna smile, and laugh, and sit wherever they are and do whatever they're doing. sometimes they'll get up to take care of the munchies but they aren't going to have the energy to slaughter a cow or anything, so yeah... chemically induced pacifism.

so i had no beer, well, i had one that was still in my fridge from the night before. almost had two but when i took a bottle of water out of the fridge one of the bottles toppled it's way outta the fridge and broke itself on the marble floor. SOOOO not the day to break a beer. so that was it. nothing much else. oh, emma made it back from thailand. she left her stuff in my room while she was gone, so when she got in, she called and i took it down to her room. she laughed at my pathetic attempt at looking like a full-GROWN-man with my boy beard, so i shaved it. maybe someday... i can't even grow a decent beard and, i think, in my futile cultivating of "that which looked like dirt but REALLY WAS facial hair", i saw a grey whisker. well doesn't that just take the cake. but now maybe i can be distinguished. a distinguished 12-year old in a 27-year old body. someone actually mentioned the other day (again) that i'm like a 10-year old boy, but i can't recall what i was doing... maybe i was trying to grow a beard, flicking boogers or jumping in mud puddles. all of which i believe i've done recently.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

check my holiday pics from thailand

9:09 PM, October 03, 2005  

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