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01 October 2005

random links

i was looking through my links on this rather unproductive day that is going to lead to overtime because of customer incompetance, and found some links i haven't seen in a while that i thought were cool. i could play with this one all day. this is basically what i was trying to do my senior year with Pro/E instead of doing my senior project. this is another one i like. if you have high speed, it is a little better but besides body paint, this is probably one of my favorite things. check out the xiao xiaos, they are my favorite.

hey, wanna do me a favor... click on the 'world domination' map

and help me conquer the world. sure i'm about experienced as a virgin eunuch at an orgy, but i'm in second place and the first place person MADE the game so he had to give himself all the land. help me rule the way you know i can. do it, do it now. you can click on it up to once a second. i'm sure that you will get tired of it after a while but give it a try. come on, look at all the good things i do for you.


Blogger The B-Town Boyz said...

Hey Z, just so you know I've been conquering mad land on this thing. On a side note, I recently conquered Turkmenistan...hope you don't mind.

12:03 PM, October 04, 2005  

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