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04 October 2005

buying things

man, i'm so bad at buying things. for one, i get into phases. a couple months ago i bought like $800 worth of replica 'lord of the rings' swords and a replica ring, and a "future" samurai katana. just felt like it. secondly, i'm both ends of the scale, either really impulsive (wtf? it's only money) and then some i'm really comparative (took me like 2 years to choose between a creative nomad jukebox zen xtra or an iPOD... i got the former, and i DO believe it is the better choice), but then i also just thought about getting them both, figureing out which one i liked better and sell the other one. REALLY bad at making decisions.

i've been having a lingering phase in the back of me head to buy a house. i need to do something with my money besides have it just sit in the bank and do nothing. i was looking online at some telescopes and i found a pretty bad-ass meade 8" GPS telescope that "finds" itself, then can locate up to 145,000 astronomical objects automatically. that would be so great up on the hill. emma thinks it's cheating but i prefer not to memorize the location of every random comet floating within a 100 light-year radius. i mean, you can still do it by hand. jebus. anyways, this thing goes for like $2300 (more than i bought my '91 S-10 for 3 years ago). this thing i pretty awesome. i've always loved the stars, every little boy does (stars and dinosaurs), so i don't think this is a passing phase. just not sure i'm at the stage in my life where my only major investments include a telescope that costs more than my truck, said truck, my mp3 player, my camera, and a hammock. i need a place to KEEP my hammock first. so i was talking to the electrical TA today about buying said telescope and he mentioned, as he has before, that i should look into buying a house (he ALSO backs the idea that you should have a place to put your stuff before your buy your stuff). he also mentioned he had about 10 acres of land in northern minessota about 6 miles from the canadaian border and really close to some great fishing. not a bad price, $15k , i think. i know nothing about land, but i'm thinking about it. that and investing in quantum computing. i think that is the next IBM. woo-BITTY-WHO-bitty. that and the meade 8" GPS LXD75 SC-8AT with UHTC coatings and AutoStar. mmm **runs to bathroom**


Anonymous Miami T said...

Ok so you're buying a telescope to pursue your fascination with the stars. I have no idea nor do I want to know what you plan on buying to pursue the fascination with dinosaurs. Let me guess, you come home with a pet Velociraptor that you Fed Ex freighted from Jurassic Park.

10:14 AM, October 04, 2005  
Anonymous mom said...

like the new India date/time also your "count down" clock to tax money. loved your blog on "ghandi holiday" - you are so respectful. such a good good son!! wacky but good. later

4:08 PM, October 05, 2005  

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