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27 November 2005

injun news

this is an advice column in the paper today called 'ask simi'. i thought the first article was hilarious (yellow silk? 21? hahahah). kids these days are growing up so fast, even in india. and apparently the parents are set in stone. i just thought that was funny. the paper was full of good stuff today. i don't read it very often, but some of the other TAs do. they pop up some interesting stories, and today, i'm the relay. in one, there's a lady who's a politician. she's been campaigning like mad and her husband, an event manager, is complaining that they need to sit down and come up with a name for their 3-week old baby. to date, he is referred to as "muggles". THIS is newspaper news. also, Matthew McConaughey was voted sexiest man alive (but we all knew that, since 'a time to kill'). there was something else funny in there. oh, no , not funny. some political leader was riding his motorcycle (they call them two-wheelers here), and someone threw hand bombs at him, the first missed, the second hit his bike and he fell off, the third hit it shoulder... then a mob attacked and killed him with pick-axes. lovely country i'm in here. thank god i'm not in politics (and not near this incident by maybe 1000 miles).

blah, another slow sunday. sucks. might write more later.


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