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15 November 2005

keep on keepin' on

googly moogly, is my arm on fire!! i got a mosquito bite about 4 days ago on the underside of my right arm, no big, get 'em all the time here, i must be sweet. but then 2 days ago i got another bite (not sure from what) RIGHT ON TOP OF IT. man it hurt, and itched like a son-of-a-bitch. the night before last i had a hard time not scratching it, instead using ice and hot water to numb it/burn the itch out (my logic isn't always the most logical).

so, yesterday i woke up and the swelling had increased and i had a lovely trail running up my arm. apparently whatever bit me got a vein, i could track it up almost to my shoulder. now this is fun. something is in me and i don't want it there. everyone onsite said go to a doctor, even the indians in the incessant meetings we had yesterday told me to go, but i'm a hard (also known as 'dumb') ass. i said i'd go today if it got bigger. how did i gauge it? the good old BIC medium point Round Stic Grip. just traced around the red part that way the paranoid hypochondriac in me couldn't be all like "it's getting bigger, man i think it is... HEY YOU, random stranger on the street, is this getting bigger?". it was doing well through the evening (though i was in a dark bar) and through the night.

in the morning, the swelling was down a bit and it wasn't AS sore, still hot as hell though. got to work and it started giving me lip again. around 11:00AM i went to see a skin specialist who asked why i came over an insect bite. i told him, i HAVE insect bites, mosquitos love me... this is no ordinary bite, i'm not allergic to anything, something is wrong. so he gave me some drugs. this place is drug happy. when i was sick earlier, they gave me a pill for the fever, a pill to get rid of the heartburn the first pill would give me, and two anti-biotics. this time i got two anti-biotics, one anti-inflamatory, one steroid, and 2 creams i have to mix together then apply. oh yeah... the doctor's visit - 200 rupees (about $5), and a 15 days supply of medicine - 390 rupees (about $9). AND he wants me to come back for more medicine in 15 days. WTF?! it's a bug bite afterall, RIGHT? i don't know aobut this place. i think i'll live though, the vein trail is gone (or the rest of my arm has gotten to be the same color).

don't worry mom i'll be OK, i'm superman.

here is a pic taken yesterday by the electrical TA (not that great due to the flash but the pen line is the extent of the redness/swelling/itching/burning/shite going on in my forearm. his fiance is an EMT, so he took a picture and told her my symptoms. she said to get my ass to a doctor and have an epi pen just in case. but did i listen? of course not, i'm indestructible. but i thank him nonetheless for trying. he's a good guy (and she by proxy since i don't know her). too bad you can't see my vein line in the pic. it got bigger than this, but i think it's stopped for now.

well, i gotta go anti-biotify. don't wanna wake up and get out of bed to find my arm still there under the covers. if i'm alive, i'll post again in the near future. JOKING, JOKING... mom, get back in your chair.


Anonymous MOM said...

"GET BACK IN MY CHAIR???" you have to be nuts - i am your mother. ever heard of blood poisoning? redness in a travelling vein? omg - i 9ught to come to india to whup your ass! let me know what's going on!!

9:40 PM, November 15, 2005  

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